How We Work_____

Our collaborative planning and design approach equips us to undertake large-scale, complex environmental and urban projects.

Project outcomes benefit from our inter-disciplinary cohort, as well as our established networks throughout the private sector and all tiers of government.

We pair a comprehensive knowledge of policy and process, with resourceful approaches to solution making.

As planners and designers our charter is to positively impact built environments and the communities they support. We shape places for civic interaction, conduits for movement, places to live, work and visit. Tract, as town planner, urban designer, and landscape architect, spans the range of project types from infrastructure to institutions, new towns to waterfronts, parks to private garden. Our work is highly regarded by our peers and industry which is reflected in the honor rolls of design competitions and awards.
We are equipped to respond to new challenges - addressing climatic, demographic and spatial pressures to optimise tangible outcomes. Internally, we invest in a culture of inquiry. Our group is involved in professional associations, industry, cultural programs and academia. We undertake design and ideas competitions, conduct forums and, engage in public discourse – to maintain active engagement and participation in current practice.

As a large organisation, we are equipped to service technical; design and administration issues for projects of all scales. Much of our work is from repeat clients, from all levels of government and the private sector, which is a testament to our capable and creative staff; commitment to service, project delivery and responsiveness.