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Garangula Gallery Wins NSW AILA Award_____

Garangula Gallery Wins NSW AILA Award

Tract's Garangula Gallery project has won NSW AILA Award for Design in Landscape Architecture.

Congratulations to the Garangula Team for this spectacular project.
Judges Comments

Garangula Gallery is located in a remote and exposed rural landscape on the southwest slopes of New South Wales. Designed to specifically showcase a private collection of Aboriginal art, the gallery is a thoughtful, refined and beautifully executed building that has been exquisitely complemented by the landscape architecture of Tract Consultants.

Tract has created a setting that ensures Garangula Gallery has become an integral part of the surrounding landscape and a place where art, nature and architecture live in harmony. Key to Tract’s role was to site the gallery and all ancillary external works gently on the terrain, blending them into the open rural setting, and ensuring they impact lightly on the fragile soil. The completed gallery, as a consequence, looks like it belongs to this environment.

Site works, arrival and departure sequences are designed to highlight the unique experience of the site, to celebrate, restore and enhance the rural landscape. A restrained landscape design, which includes the control and finessing of infrastructure and complex ‘works’, is a signature skill of the landscape architect.

Tract has embedded Aboriginal art into the landscape fabric and incorporated recycled materials, a weathered colour palette and rich symbolism throughout the design. Tract’s careful approach to plant selection, soil and water management reflects their considerable understanding and respect for the site and the precious resources it has to offer.
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