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Gaining Traction In China_____

Gaining Traction In China

Over the past few years, Tract has become involved in an increasing number of projects in China.
We are very pleased to announce that one of our Senior Landscape Architects, Mariano Lopez, is moving to China to represent Tract.
Mariano will be based in the city of Suzhou, west of Shanghai.
Among our current projects are the:
Long Mu Bay Resort, Hainan Island A large, multi-stage resort on tropical Hainan Island in southern China. Tract is the lead Landscape Architect for three stages including 50 five star private Villas on large allotments, canal front holiday accommodation, and an island with large swimming lagoon and tourist facilities.
We are also involved in designing the freeway interchange which is the main entry to the Long Mu Bay Resort.
Baoshan Park, Shanghai Competition Urban renewal project for an industrial port at the mouth of Chang jiang River, Shanghai.
Suzhou New District Eco-Tourism Planning
220km2 site on the east shore of Lake Taihu.
Developing strategic design principles to guide open space conservation and connectivity; urban consolidation & diversity; and optimising the site’s natural and constructed environments for the use of locals and tourists.
Suchu Modern Industrial Park & QingLiu River Masterplan, Chuzhou A satellite town of Chuzhou, this 36km2 site will be developed as a mixed-use new town, with an emphasis on high-tech industry.
The Qing Liu River which bisects the site will form the primary open space corridor, and will form the Suchu’s recreational and visual identity.
Suzhou Bay Landscape & CBD Underground Space Competition, Suzhou The design premise for Harbour City is the “necklace with four jewels”. The necklace, ”Taihu ring” is a Waterfront Landscape structure, which comprises five interlocking water theme rings: Lake, Bay, Harbour, Shallow and Pool. The four jewels are functional core areas: activity centre, arts & cultural centre, business centre, and natural centre.
Two major components, “Garden CBD” (CBD core area & underground space) and “Harbour CBD” (Waterfront Bay city), are connected by a central land-water axis, which is defined by the landmark tower and civic harbour, and reinforced through an incision in the ground plane, in the form of a canyon, carved by a river. It links the points of attraction and provides an anchor to the overall master plan.
Tract & FKA cooperated with local design institution – SIAD in this exciting competition.
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