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Density Doesn’t Threaten Liveability_____

Density Doesn’t Threaten Liveability - Domain

Density Doesn’t Threaten Liveability

Bookending the 2019 Domain Liveability Study series co-authored by Deloitte, an opinion piece written by Tract Senior Principal Adam Terrill argues that density doesn’t threaten liveability.

It shows how new development can actually increase liveability as it drives more services and facilities closer to where people live.

Check out the full article via the below link or in The Age today.

More people can actually make Melbourne’s suburbs more liveable. Here’s how

Melbourne Can Fit More People In - Adam Terrill - 2019 Domain Liveability Study
The 2019 Domain Liveability Study evaluates the comparative liveability of suburbs within Australia’s three largest cities, looking beyond prestige and property price to the underlying characteristics that make for safe, convenient and enjoyable places to live.

Check out our series article on the Domain Liveability Study including additional analysis and insights into Australia’s top performing suburbs and what the slippery concept of liveability means today in the fields of planning and design from the links below.

2019 Domain Liveability Study
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