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Deiter Lim on Saturday Morning ABC Radio_____

Tract Consultants - Dieter Lim - Bridge Road ABC 774

Deiter Lim on Saturday Morning ABC Radio

Deiter Lim has featured on Saturday morning radio discussing Bridge Road with Hilary Harper on 774 ABC.
Interview extract
Local retail strips – with a mix of goods and services within walking distance – are the heart and soul of a community. But when they fail It can be a challenge to work out what went wrong and how to fix it. A Richmond business man Deiter Lim recently initiated a two-day forum with the City of Yarra and a range stakeholders to identify the key issues for Bridge Road and he joined Hilary Harper this morning. What is your local shopping strip like? Do you use it? How would you fix Bridge Road?

Listen here to the full interview - Deiter Lim Tract Consultants with Hilary Harper on Bridge Road
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