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Work collaboratively on a joint research project alongside experienced professionals.

Each year, we invite students from the University of Melbourne to join us for a 3 week intensive internship. One student from each discipline of Landscape Architecture, Town Planning and Urban Design is chosen, the three of whom will complete a joint research assignment, whilst mentored and guided by our team.

Each intern will be a current University of Melbourne student at the Masters level, enrolled in MSD Vocational Placement subject.

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Summer 2022 topic

Regional rennasiance. The evolving character of our developing regions.

Victoria’s regions are growing faster than ever, with forecasts predicting that over 280,000 people will be moving to regional cities and towns over the next 15 years* . This is likely to increase with flexible working arrangements ‘unshackling’ us from capital cities and our desire for a more relaxed lifestyle increasing as a result of the pandemic.

* Victoria in Future 2019

This growth is placing significant pressure on regional areas, with the look and feel of many towns rapidly changing. Picturesque farm land is being replaced with expansive housing estates resembling the new suburbs of Metropolitan Melbourne. Roads, shops, parks, and services are under increasing pressure and housing affordability is decreasing causing concern for many regional Council’s and communities.

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Through our 2022 internship, students will investigate the elements that contribute to character, and whether government guidelines and standards are effective in achieving the desired character. Benchmarking of recent developments in regional cities and towns will be used to understand what has and hasn’t worked. Students will then develop their own toolkit for planning and designing new communities in regional cities and towns for application to a real development site.

The internship will offer the opportunity for students to visit a number of regional cities and towns to see firsthand how new development is reflecting character. The outcome of the internship will be a graphic presentation to Tract’s national team and key industry partners, outlining how the toolkit can be applied to improve development in our regional cities and towns.

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If you would like to register your interest for the next University of Melbourne, MSD Vocational Placement in 2023, please reach out to us.

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