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2 Awards for Tract at 2016 AILA SA Awards_____

2 Awards for Tract at 2016 AILA SA Awards

Ergo Appartments and ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk were both recognised at Fridays night's 2016 AILA SA Awards Dinner as winners of the Civic Landscape - Landscape Architecture Award. Congratulations to both of the teams involved on these outstanding projects.

Judges Comments

ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk

The ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk is a strong underlining of the importance of public commemoration and a bold embellishment to the city’s public realm. Tract Consultant’s contemporary design incorporates the idea of memory and the sacred, honouring the sacrifice and service of Australia’s service men and women.

The prominent terrace reveals an urban vista from river to city presenting a succession of conflicts remembered through time. The design of the processional space complements the surrounding heritage architecture and provides a transition from the business of the city. Linking the cultural boulevard of North Terrace between War Memorial and Torrens Parade Ground, it opens a new transect across Government House, enclosed within a regiment of new garden beds and trees.

The seemingly simple integration within the existing space has created new opportunities for interpretation of Australia’s role in historic events and their symbolism in lasting memories to those who have served.
Ergo Apartments Public Realm

Adelaide prides itself on its squares and parklands which provide opportunities for a diverse range of recreational activities. Within the city, however, there are few small, easily accessible public spaces associated with the growing number of residential apartments. As Adelaide strives towards building a vibrant inner city with higher residential densities and high rise development with minimal private open space, immediate access to high quality public open space is imperative. This is especially important as Australia’s population ages.

The Tract team, in partnership with client Adelaide City Council and Hindmarsh Construction, have set a high bar in delivering the Ergo Apartments precinct. The north/south pedestrian and cycle thoroughfare reinstates the formerly alienated street, creating accessibility and connectivity to surrounding areas. The public and private domains become more than the sum of the parts by careful handling of the interface between them. Seating, public art and elevated lawns enhance opportunities for social engagement. Equally important but less visible, technical and ownership issues have been innovatively resolved to ensure clarity of liability and maintenance responsibilities.

Tract Consultants are to be congratulated, in collaboration with the client, other consultants and the contractor, for setting a notable precedent for similar city developments.
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