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The Analytical Landscape Architect_____

A Celebration For Rodney At Tract

The Analytical Landscape Architect

On Friday night, a cocktail function was held in the Melbourne office to celebrate Tract Founding Director, Rodney Wulff's distinguished career.

Highlights from Rodney's career, beginning with study in America at the University of Oregon, Harvard and Cornell, to attain the level of PhD, and representation on the Australian Olympic Basketball team were summarised by long term partner and co-founder of Tract, Steve Calhoun.

Establishing Tract in the early 70's, Rodney brought his analytical approach to the fledgeling profession of Landscape Architecture in Australia, working on a range of projects nationally and internationally.

Awards, accolades and commissions began to flow, and Tract began to grow.

The "recession that we had to have" in the early 90's was difficult for businesses across Australia and Tract was no exception. Steve reflected that the company went from over 100 staff to just 13 in a space of months.

The original three founding directors, Rodney, Steve and Howard McCorkell rebuilt the practice to once again become the preeminent multidisciplinary firm in Australia by the end of the decade, under Rodney's leadership.
Rodney held the position of Tract Director from 1974-2012 including a period as Managing Director from 1996-2008, this was a prosperous time for Tract in which the company grew every year.

Steve commented that Rodney's analytical approach and determination over a forty year period has shaped Tract more than any other individual.

Tract is fortunate to have Rodney agree to continue working on a range of projects as well as playing the role of a distinguished elder statesman and mentor to the next generation.

Tract Consultants - Rodney Wulff
Rodney Wulff
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