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500 Hungry Workers_____

500 Hungry Workers - Meet Our Worms - Tract Consultants

500 Hungry Workers

Operating out of Tract’s newest office, a little black box in Melbourne's courtyard, we’ve been joined by 500 new co-workers. Each with an incredible appetite for hard work, whose sole occupation is to compost our waste.

We'd like you to meet our worms.

Introduced as part of an office greening initiative, the worm farm and additional compost bin save approximately 2.5 litres of food waste per week.

This food waste would have otherwise produced methane gas and leachate in a landfill or contaminated recyclables, but instead it’s provided a delicious, mouldy meal for our worms and saved recourses!
Alice - Head Worm Liaison Officer - Tract Consultants
Alice Coates
Head Worm Liason Officer / Graduate Landscape Architect
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