Archives for June, 2017

introducing-mpavilion-2017_tract_consultants_website Introducing MPavilion 2017 - introducing-mpavilion-2017_tract_consultants_website-330x248 - mpavilion 2017
Tract is again delighted to be involved as a supporter and collaborator of the next MPavilion.[....]

Deans Honours Awards - Esther Paul Kate - Tract Consultants University of Melbourne Dean’s Honours Awards - deans_honours_awards-esther_paul_kate-tract_consultants-330x198 - Dean’s Honours Awards
Tract sends big congratulations to Town Planning Assistant Paul Lewis, Student Landscape Architect Kate Grant and Graduate Landscape Architect Esther Ziebell on receiving 2016 Dean’s Honours Awards from the University of Melbourne in their respective disciplines.[....]