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Arthurs Seat Eagle - Source - The Age - Credit - David Caird Opening of Arthurs Seat Eagle - arthurs_seat_eagle-source-david_caird-330x186 - arthurs seat eagle
Today’s Melbourne papers have featured articles about the history and forthcoming reincarnation of the Arthurs Seat chairlift.[....]

Eastlink - Infrastructure Sustainability - Tract Consultants Eastlink Assessed to be a Global Leader in Infrastructure Sustainability - eastlink-infrastructure_sustainability-tract_consultants-330x198 - eastlink
Eight years after opening, Eastlink remains the benchmark project for large infrastructure with integrated environmental and recreational outcomes.[....]

2016 PIA Queensland Awards - Tract Brisbane Team - Tract Consultants 2016 PIA Queensland Awards - 2016_PIA_queensland_awards-brisbane_team-tract_consultants-330x198 - 2016 pia queensland awards
The 2016 PIA Queensland Awards were held on Friday 11 November at the Gabba in Brisbane with Tract the proud recipient of three awards for Clifton Township Concept Masterplan and Cairns City Image Study projects.[....]

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the profession in Australia. [....]

Sketches - Feature - Tract Consultants Sketches (2016), Rodney Wulff - sketches-feature-tract_consultants-330x198 - sketches
Dr. Rodney Wulff, Founding Director of Tract Consultants, is a passionate sketcher.[....]

Landscape Architecture Australia - 50 Years Cover - Tract Consultants Landscape Architecture Australia 50 year celebration - landscape_architecture_australia-50_years-tract_consultants-330x198 - landscape architecture australia
The November 2016 anniversary issue of Landscape Architecture Australia, celebrates 50 years of the profession.[....]

Contributing To Community - Tract Consultants Contributing to Community - contributing_to_community-tract_consultants-330x198 - community
As planners and designers of the built environment, largely in an urban context, we are well placed to make a tangible contribution to social equity.[....]