Archives for May, 2013

The Grattan Institute has recently published a report on the role of, and opportunities for Australian cities in a changing economy.[....]

Tract Consultants - Swan Hill Riverfront - Masterplan
Following the development of the Swan Hill Riverfront Master plan - a 4.5km vision for the town over the next 25 years, an 'Open House' community engagement took place early this week in Swan Hill.[....]

The Department of Planning and Community Development has today released the final text of the 2 new Commercial zones which will replace 5 existing Business zones in Victoria's planning schemes.[....]

Tract Consultants - Brisbane City Centre Transformative Projects - Albert Street Concept
Lead by Julie Hardie and visualised by Jamie Hopwood, Tract developed ‚Äča heroic look and feel snapshot for Brisbane City's Albert Street. [....]