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Loganholme, QLD


$1.4 million



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In late 2004 Tract was commissioned by Translink to refurbish the Loganholme Bus Station located directly adjacent to Logan Hyperdome Shopping Centre. In dire need of renovation to upgrade its functionality and appeal, Translink provided $1.4 million in funding for its redesign and construction.

Tract in conjunction with Cottee Parker Architects elected to strengthen the relationship between the bus station and the shopping centre through the provision of a direct axial link. Integrating in with this axial link is the pedestrian boulevard style treatments of the intersecting taxi rank and "kiss and ride" zones.
The station itself has been fully redesigned, from the classic lines of the shelter structures through to the heavily articulated pavement design and the CPTED and micro-climate intelligent arrangement of the seating. The placement of a central pedestrian spine through the station itself and the angle of the seating allows for a clear 180 degree view along the length of the platform. This clever yet simple spatial arrangement allows for increased levels of real and perceived safety due to the vastly superior levels of visibility exhibited over the traditional "railway style" platform.

With patron comfort a key priority as evidenced by extensive user surveys, the provision of majestic Kauri Pines on the platform serves to soften the harshness of the hardscaping by adding natural texture. Throughout the refurbishment, a multitude of trees were planted along paths of travel to provide shade and visual amenity in an otherwise atypical shopping centre carpark.

The Loganholme Bus Station opened in late 2006.

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