Being informed of environmental ramifications, frames our approach to planning and design. It is the mantle of place shapers to create cohesive social communities, healthy ecologies, durable and inspired places.

Civic and environmental health is interwoven, and sustainability applies to both.

Through a commitment to continual learning and knowledge sharing we have a robust general environmental knowledge … and where specific ecological expertise is needed, we seek it of the experts.
Our People
  • Provide our clients and business partners with a positive experience that delivers best practice technical outcomes, meets all sustainability expectations and requirements.
  • Establish a program of continuing education, training, monitoring, benchmarking and research.
  • Partner with organisations demonstrating compatible ESD values and facilitate the ongoing exchange of ideas and technology across industry and client sectors.
Our Projects
  • Support and promote the concept of integrated design outcomes that consider broader, long term and site specific environmental and community values.
  • Ensure that there is continuous improvement in our environmental design performance
  • Help our clients, partner organisations and stakeholders to meet their sustainability objectives.
  • Promote ESD values and objectives within the community.
Our Office
  • Incorporate sustainability principles into our corporate values, products and services.
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of our operations
  • Establish a company wide Environmental Management System which includes specialist Design Assessment Tools.